City info: In 1893 the architect Victor Horta designed the first Art nouveau building for professor Emile Tassel. This terrace house was the first convincing example of the rejuvenation that architecture was to undergo. This project soon let to new opportunities: mansions for Armand Solvay and Edmond Van Eetvelde, the Maison du Peuple for the Socialist Party,... To profuse variety of colour in the interior, the direct expression of programmatic needs in its architecture, the transformation of purely technical demands, the visible use of steel beams in the interior, the play of natural light inside the building, the same elements that are found in Victor Horta's work...  cont. on Réseau page here...

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Paul Hankar, Hôtel Ciamberlani (1897), Ixelles (Bruxelles) - Photo: Puha Titusz

Paul Hankar, Hôtel Ciamberlani, detail Photo: ARAU

Detail of Hôtel Tassel (Victor Horta 1893) - Source: Wikipedia, Photo: Arco Ardon from Dordrecht, Netherlands

Arthur Nelissen, Maison Nelissen; Paul Hankar, Maison Hankar; Paul Cauchie, Maison Cauchie - Source: Wikipedia, Photo: EmDee, Jean-Pol GRANDMONT, Ben2

Paul Saintenoy, Old England (1899), Source: Wikipedia, Photo: Patrick Despoix

Gustave Strauven, three houses: Abdication 4, Clovis 85, Van Campenhout 51 - Photo: Puha Titusz

Josef Hoffmann (1905 - 1911), Stoclet Palace - Source: Wikipedia, Photo: Jean-Pol GRANDMONT