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The Relief of the Zala Studio is one of the most monumental work of art in Hungarian Secession Sculpture. More detailed study has not been done about this precious artwork yet; might be due to Gyorgy Zala`s unique, in Secession, art nouveau style in this oeuvre. Only just recently rose an opportunity to take good quality images of the part of the building – being used for diplomatic purposes.


"There is no excuse for doing anything which is not strikingly beautiful."

William Morris

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The secession (Art Nouveau), having been revalued in the XXI century, due to the new importance of decorations, ornaments and pendants. Many readers sent us images and articles regarding secession from Marosvasarhely, Pozsony, Kaposvar, Budapest, Szabadka and so on. If you`d like to send us images or essays, we will be happy to post them, as this is really your magazine too.

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